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Buying and Selling in Bell Canyon

Because of our commitment to privacy and access control, buying or selling a home in Bell Canyon can be intimidating.  Here are some quick tips and resources to make the process as smooth as it can be.

Getting Started

Once you have listed a property in Bell Canyon, the current owners must contact Lulu in the Bell Canyon HOA Office and let her know that the property is for sale.  You'll also want to check out the broker requirements and specifications for the Bell Canyon "For Sale" sign - following those guidelines will ensure a smooth experience for your clients and prospective buyers.

Click here to email Lulu, or call the office at 818-346-9879.

House Viewing

Private Showings and Open Houses

A common pitfall for first-time sellers in the Canyon is navigating open houses and showings.  There are a number of limits on traditional open house practices that have been designed to ensure the privacy and tranquility of Canyon residents, so it is important to be aware of these before designing any promotional materials or signs.  You will also want to alert potential buyers to the requirements for entry so they can be prepared.

Navigating Escrow

Escrow companies often miss essential steps when dealing with Bell Canyon properties, which can lead to delays and miscommunication.  The escrow FAQs below are helpful for both purchasers and escrow companies, and they're a handy tool for realtors to manage client expectations during the closing process.  Escrow documents can be ordered through CondoCerts.

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