Based on continuing COVID-19 developments, the BCA, BCCC, and BCEC Board of Directors have decided to take the following steps effective immediately:


Updated June 3, 2020


The Ventura Fire Department reminds all residents that fireworks are not legal in Bell Canyon.

Click the link below to view the E-Blast!

South Central Farmers

A Los Angeles staple, South Central Farmers offers 2 traditional CSA boxes with a variety of delivery and price options.  To subscribe, click the link below, pick your box size and delivery rate, set your pickup location to “Home Delivery,” and pay through PayPal.

​Updated 6/11/2020

Bell Canyon Community Center (BCCC)

The Fitness Center (gym and multipurpose room) is reopening on June 15 under new California health guidelines. 

Operating hours will be:  Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM                                                                        and 3:00 - 11:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM and 4:00 – 11:00 PM

The Center will be closed to everyone for one hour in the afternoons for sanitizing.

There will be temporary COVID-19 health and prevention practices in effect, and these will be posted and must be followed for the safety and health of all community members.  There are no group classes scheduled and no trainers or guests allowed.

The BCCC restrooms will also reopen June 15; the Social Hall remains closed.

The tennis courts have been reopened.  Please respect social distancing guidelines.  Reservations may be made by phone between 8AM-3PM the day before

Delivery Apps Help Support Local Eateries

Apps like Postmates, Grubhub, Doordash, and Eat24 allow you to order from nearby restaurants and have your food delivered to your door.  Delivery fees and available restaurants differ between apps, so check with another app if the restaurant you want isn’t listed.

To download these apps on your smartphone, visit the Play Store (Android/PC/Google) or the App Store (Apple).

Don't Forget To Add Deliveries to Home and Guests!

Don’t forget: with the new Home and Guests system, food deliveries are quick and easy.  Just log in, click “Add” on the visitor screen, and select “Food Delivery Today.”  Deliveries to the BCCC do not need to be added to your list.

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You offers six types of delivery boxes on top of 4 size options and multiple delivery frequencies, with $10 off your first 4 boxes.  To subscribe, click the link below, pick your box, size, and frequency, and add code health2020


June 11, 2020

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods boxes are highly customizable, and come with organic and non-oragnic options.  To subscribe, click the link below, pick your box type (organic vs non-organic), and create an account.  When delivery time comes, you will be able to remove or modify items to suit your specific produce needs.

CERT Community Care Program

For residents with immune-compromised systems, preexisting respiratory conditions, or the elderly, this program will attempt to assist this at-risk group with necessary errands as well as perform welfare checks.

If you need assistance, please email:  ​


JUNE 2020





Click the link below to be re-directed to the Home & Guests website to add or delete an admit, change your status & much more!

*Please note: Only the BCA Office can create an account.  If you do not have an account, please email:

Bri: OR


Tender Greens

Restaurant chain Tender Greens now offers grocery delivery along with regular meal delivery.  Order online to receive the same fresh, local produce and meats sourced by the restaurants.

Bell Canyon Graduates 

Class of 2020 Roll

West Coast Prime Meats

Meat orders are open Saturday-Thursday 11AM.  Orders are invoiced separately; check due upon pickup.

Earth Matterz

Earth Matterz also offers 4 box sizes, but they will ask you to reuse or return the delivery box.  To subscribe, click the link below, pick your size, and check out.  Like Plow to Porch, this is an auto-renew subscription.



We will continue to update these as the state  and local guidelines change.  Thank you for your patience, understanding, and neighborliness.

The COVID-19 Task Force is committed to providing solid resources and accurate information for Canyon owners and residents as we move through this time of change.

​BCA Office, Suite #8

The BCA Office will be closed to foot traffic, but open during regular business hours (7:30am-5pm) to conduct BCA business by phone and e-mails.  Documents can be delivered through the mail slot.  The phone number is 818-346-9879 and the main    e-mail address is

Bell Creek Park

Bell Creek Park remains open but the playground and equipment areas are closed.  Please respect all posted signs and instructions and maintain a 6' distance between families.

All Trails

The internal Bell Canyon trails are all open, but a 6' distance between your family and other hikers must be maintained.  Per the state guidelines, trails connecting to the Open Space, Boeing, and the local parks are restricted.  Please check the trail map (link below) if you are unsure of a trail's connections. 

Atmosphere Catering: additional free side for 4-person or 6-person Bell Canyon dinner orders on Saturdays.                                                  Orders can also be placed throughout the week for home delivery.


Save a stamp! Sign up for Auto-Debit or pay your HOA Assessments online!  Click the link below!

Bakers Kneaded

Bakers Kneaded orders are open Saturday - Tuesday, 12PM.  Orders are invoiced separately via Paypal.

Plow to Porch

Plow to Porch offers 4 different box sizes for different household sizes.  To subscribe, click the link below, select your desired box sizes, and check out.  The subscription will automatically renew every month, so make sure to set a cancellation reminder if you only want one delivery.



The Bell Canyon Gym Reopens at 8:00am on Monday, June 15th!

Click the link below to view the Temporary COVID-19 Health & Prevention Practices and Reminders.


Order Bakers Kneaded Bread Delivery

Order Bakers Kneaded Bread Delivery

Orders CLOSE 12PM:

Bakers Kneaded Bread Delivery

Order West Coast Prime
Meats Delivery

Food Truck of the Day

11AM - 2PM

Click to view truck schedule and place your order



Bakers Kneaded

Orders OPEN:

Bakers Kneaded Bread Delivery

Order CCFM
Farmers Market Delivery

Order CCFM
Farmers Market Delivery

Orders CLOSE 9AM:

CCFM Farmers Market Delivery

Orders CLOSE 11AM:
West Coast Prime Meats Delivery


11 - 11:30AM ONLY

West Coast Prime Meats

Orders OPEN:

CCFM Farmers Market Delivery

Order West Coast Prime Meats Delivery​

Order West Coast Prime Meats Delivery

Order West Coast Prime Meats Delivery

Al Italiano

Order By: 2PM

Delivery: 6PM

Click to View Menu

To order:

​Call 818-716-7894



CCFM Farmers Market

Orders OPEN:

West Coast Prime Meats Delivery

Food Truck of the Day

11AM - 2PM

Click to view truck schedule and place your order

China Garden

Order By: 3PM

Delivery: 5PM

Click to View Menu

To order:

Call 818-347-0100

Atmosphere Catering

Order by: 12PM

BCCC Pickup


Click to View Menu

To order:

Call 310-403-1214

Please see below for further delivery deal details



CCFM Farmers Market

CCFM orders are open Saturday - Tuesday, 9AM.


JUNE 2020





​​​​FTOTD: rotating schedule of food trucks serving lunch at the BCCC - order online, pick up, and enjoy.

​​Al Italiano:free delivery and 10% off of dinner orders to the BCCC on Thursday nights.  50% off house wine.

Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms' Healthy Harvest Boxes contain nine seasonal produce items and one special surprise.  Order and pick up from one of their locations, or pay for home delivery.


30 Hackamore Lane, Suite # 8

Bell Canyon, CA 91307

Office : 818-346-9879 Fax: 818-883-8490

​​​​China Garden: free delivery of dinner orders to the BCCC on Tuesday nights.