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Upper Las Virgenes Canyon State Park

Bell Canyon Association is led by an elected Board of Directors, comprised of owners, who set the policies and makes the major decisions for the community.  For the day-to-day management and upkeep of the community, the Association has employees; Access Control Officers, administrative, maintenance, and equestrian staff. 

Because communities are not just the facilities, streets, buildings, parking areas, landscaping, the Association holds a number of activities and events for residents throughout the year.  These are fun opportunities for neighbors to meet, catch each other up, and have a great time together.  Fitness classes are held in the fitness center and the park.  During the summer, art classes for children and teens are held at the Community Center and the Equestrian Center has a Pony Camp, for ages 7 and up during the winter school break.

A typical year includes:

​            New Year’s Eve Party                            Bell Canyon Broadway

            Bell Canyon Carnival                            CSD’s Spring Clean-Up Day

            Wine Tasting and Dancing                     New Owners Welcome Party

             Food Drive (for the homeless)              Ladies Night Out – Paint / Wine Night

             Eggstravaganza                                     Food Truck Rally

             Movie Nights in the Park                      Club Meetings

             Summer Art Classes                              CERT training and meetings

             September Sizzle                                   Kids Campout at the Park

             Annual Owners Meeting and Board of Directors Election    

             Halloween Bash                                    Self-Defense Class for Women

             Toy Drive (for homeless kids)              CSD’s Fall Clean-Up Day

             Winter Pony Camp - BCEC                  Pet Food Drive

The Association continues to develop and mature.  The families that live in Bell Canyon appreciate the Canyon’s rustic atmosphere, convenient location, recreational opportunities, and neighborhood friendships.  Life is relaxed in the Canyon; Association monthly assessments are $259, which covers 24 hour access control, over 13 miles of paved streets, maintenance of all common areas, events, street lights, recreational facilities, administration, communications, including a website, and employees dedicated to helping residents fully enjoy their wonderful homes.

For up-to-date news and events, check out out the current Bell Canyon Bulletin located on the Home Page.

Upper Las Virgenes

Canyon Open Space


The Association was officially formed March 10, 1969 when it was incorporated as the Woodland Hills Country Estates Association.  The name changed to the Bell Canyon Association a few years later when owners took over governance of the property.  It is located in an unincorporated area of Ventura County.

Bell Canyon began with streets and empty lots.  In the 48 years since then, the community has transformed into 748 developed properties with only 40 vacant lots left, at the end of 2016.  The community’s amenities include, a Community Center, Equestrian Center, fitness center, tennis courts, an entry station staffed 24/7, a park, and more than two dozen equestrian and/or hiking trails with access to the 5,633 acres of Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space and Preserve and Park, which border the community on the west  and south sides.


30 Hackamore Lane, Suite # 8

Bell Canyon, CA 91307

Office : 818-346-9879 Fax: 818-883-8490