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Listos: Are You Ready?

Listos (Spanish for "ready") is the State of California program for emergency preparedness.
There are five steps:

1.  Get alerts to know what to do:

2.  Make a plan to protect your people​

  • Is your home disaster-ready?

  • How do you communicate without cell phones?

  • Are there special needs or circumstances to think about?

3.  Get to safety with things you need

  • Do you have an evacuation plan?

  • Do you have a go-bag?

  • Do you know what to grab on your way out?

4.  Stay safe at home when you can't leave

  • Are you prepared for 3 days without water or power?

  • How much water will you need?

  • How do you stay clean and sanitary?

5.  Help friends and neighbors get ready

  • Does your neighborhood have a plan?

  • Who may need extra help with home planning?

  • Who may need extra help during an emergency?

For guidelines and resources, click here

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