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Bell Canyon Fire Safe Council

Ready, Set, Go:

Wildfire Preparedness and You

About Us

In 1993, CAL FIRE was searching for ways to help bring information and federal grants to the California communities most at risk from wildfires. The Fire Safe Council was their answer to that growing demand both for education and for tangible assistance in fire-prone areas. Since its inception, the CA FSC has been able to help local communities access over 900 grants and network with municipal and federal agencies to improve fire safety.


Since the Woolsey Fire, both the Bell Canyon HOA and the Bell Canyon Community Services District have been exploring ways to improve fire response times, obtain firefighting equipment, and ameliorate the high fire risk Canyon properties face. In a move spearheaded by owners Greg McHugh and Bill Speer, Bell Canyon successfully applied to the CA FSC for a $25,000 grant with which to create a Bell Canyon Council, opening up grant funding for projects like fire safety training, resident information sessions, and bridging the gap between the Canyon and authorities on the local, state, and federal levels. 

Along with home defense training, the Bell Canyon FSC has successfully implemented a blue reflector program, where homeowners can apply for a reflector to let first responders know that they are volunteering their pool water for firefighting.  So far, over 200 homes have signed up for a reflector.

Bell Canyon Community Wildfire Protection Plan:
Draft for Review
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Wildfire Retrofit Guide: Actions to protect a house


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